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Business Development Manager

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree, Liberal arts, in Secretarial Science

Work Experience

I’ve been in sales for 20 years, and in that time I’ve gotten very good at presenting ideas to different types of people. My path has been anything but typical; in addition to pitching ideas and products, I’ve carried out in-depth market research and built enduring bonds with customers. Specifically, what makes me unique is my proficiency in project pitching. Each project’s distinct worth can shine through with the help of thoughtful delivery and meticulous planning, which attracts potential clients. This strategy has consistently shown to be effective, bringing about new conversions as well as strong, enduring business connections. In retrospect, I see that my progress and steady performance are due to the wide range of skills I’ve acquired, which consistently direct me to surpass organisational objectives.

Skills & Expertise

Aey joined The Thaiger with her extensive Sales experience.

Business Development


Previous awards won have all centred around Sales.


Conversion Champion Award

Recognised in 2016 for excellence in innovative sales strategies that led to a remarkable increase in customer conversions.

Project Pitching Star Award

Acknowledging (2010) excellence in the presentation and pitching of company projects which brought major business contracts.

Exceptional Leadership Award

Leading a sales team to success by demonstrating outstanding leadership and beating sales forecasts. Awarded in 2017.

Salesperson of the Year Award

Recognised as the top salesperson of the company for surpassing annual sales targets given in 2012.