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Bangkok, Thailand
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1 year

Siam Green

Siam Green Co. is a cannabis franchise operating in Thailand, specifically in Bangkok and Koh Samui. They offer a range of cannabis-related products including cannabis flowers, CBD products, merchandise, accessories, and apparel to cater to the needs and interests of their customers.

Siam Green has built its reputation as a cannabis franchise on tourism platform

Since July 2023, SEO-optimized articles to boost their online presence. We invested in three SEO packages: one for the main branch in Phrom Phong and two for the new branches in Nana and Koh Samui. These packages helped people find their shops online. The articles got 2,800+ views, we reached 6,000+ people on Facebook, and 4,500+ on Instagram. Their Facebook posts also had 6,200+ impressions. This increased awareness and allowed Siam Green to consider expanding further.

Thaiger Approach

For this project we focused on three main areas:

Thaiger Marketing offers invaluable support to online marketplaces, in fact, two-sided marketplaces like Siam green there has been some success in bringing attention to Siam Green Co. as a franchise. In a young industry like cannabis in Bangkok, there is a lot of competition. In order to stand out within the plethora of stores and franchises, Siam Green Co. needed more brand awareness for their store in which we provided a SEO optimised articled for their Phrom Phong branch. 3 months later, after Siam Green Co. has already opened two more branches in Nana and Phuket for which we provided a SEO optimimised advetorial article for each as well. Their website also seems to have gained more traction especially after each article was published as well. Despite this, the goal was awareness which has been achieved by how on the social media which are over 6,000+ reach and impressions alongside 4,500+ reach on Instagram which brings more attention to the franchise.

Thaiger Marketing’s specialised services empower marketplaces to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business performance. By dissecting data into customer segments and product groups, we provide the insights necessary for informed decision-making and strategic adjustments. Our tailored consulting programs facilitate optimization and efficiency, ultimately helping real estate companies thrive in a competitive market and achieve their business goals.

Service Steps


Our Account Management team consulted with the CEO and COO to understand their pain points


Our whole Account Management team alongside our Creative team work together to brainstorm solutions and put them into a plan, ready for the client to confirm.


Once all is confirmed and the client is happy, we begin the implementation. An important factor is iteration and continuous improvement of everything we do for our clients. Optimisation is key!

This was a long project for us and we were incredibly grateful for Siam greeen trust in our abilities. Initially the project was to last just 6 months. The results of our SEO services continue to grow, and we are delighted to see their satisfaction as their success is an ongoing journey.

Clients Feedback

The advertorials done by Thaiger media were very helpful in us spreading the word about important points about our business. By asking a set of straight forward questions and doing a large amount of research about us, the team was able to write highly accurate articles primed for SEO, bringing lots of traffic to our website. Will definitely work with Thaiger media again!
Guarav COO, Siam Green