Thaiger's Power of Advertorials in Modern Marketing

Explore the impact of advertorials in modern marketing. Discover how these captivating narratives blur the line between advertising and content, engaging audiences and building brand credibility.

Crafted Advertorials for SEO Success and Brand Enhancement

Certainly, here’s the information with added details about SEO optimization:

When considering an advertorial package, it’s essential to understand the benefits. An advertorial article, typically 500-700 words in length, is crafted from scratch to align with your brand’s message. It includes 3-5 relevant photos and 2 valuable links to your website, aiding in SEO optimization.

For flexibility, if you choose an advertorial package beyond one month, you’re not limited to one publication per month. This allows for multiple placements in a single month, potentially boosting your brand’s visibility sooner.

For clients looking to make a significant impact, we offer bulk buy discounts for purchases of more than 12 advertorials at once. Feel free to discuss the pricing structure with our management team to find a suitable rate per advertorial.

Our pricing structure is based on a one-time upfront payment, ensuring transparency and convenience. Additionally, we provide a one-time free boosting service, where you can allocate a budget (e.g., 10,000 THB) for boosting, and we set it up at no extra cost. For multiple boosting or social media marketing of articles, a 20% markup is applied to the ad spend, allowing for enhanced reach and engagement.

These advertorials are more than just content; they’re a powerful tool for building brand credibility and improving SEO rankings, making them a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.