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Bangkok, Thailand
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1 year


XM is a trusted online platform for trading different financial assets. You can trade things like currencies, stocks, and more with them. They have different types of accounts to match your trading needs, whether you’re just starting or an experienced trader. It’s all legal and regulated.

XM has built its reputation as a online trading platform

Since August 2023, We wanted to make young Thai speakers trust and recognize their brand in Thailand. Although they’re a big global online trading platform, there’s tough competition here. They’re known in the West but not so much in Thailand. And in order to change that, we’re using social media, sponsored content, website banners, and even TikTok videos to promote them. We started with 150,000 THB per month for 3 months, totaling 450,000 THB, and then renewed it for 510,000 THB for the same package. The articles were viewed over 9,000 times, the Facebook posts reached over 140,000 people, their homepage banner got clicks from 3,000+ visitors, and the TikTok banners received over 3 million views from 30 videos in 3 months.

Thaiger Approach

For this project we focused on three main areas:

We are proud to announce our partnership with a prestigious multi-billion dollar client, marking a significant milestone for our agency. We are particularly thrilled to have secured our first TikTok video sponsorship, resulting in an impressive 3 million impressions. Additionally, our homepage banner campaign garnered 600,000 impressions and directed 3,000 valuable clicks to the client’s website. Notably, we take pride in being the first and exclusive digital marketing agency in Thailand to successfully introduce this esteemed client to the local market.

Thaiger Marketing offers specialized services that enable marketplaces to attain a thorough grasp of their business performance. Through a detailed analysis of data, including customer segments and product categories, we furnish invaluable insights crucial for informed decision-making and strategic fine-tuning. Our customized consulting programs are designed to enhance optimization and efficiency, thereby assisting companies in flourishing within a competitive market and reaching their business objectives.

Service Steps


Our Account Management team consulted with the CEO and COO to understand their pain points


Our whole Account Management team alongside our Creative team work together to brainstorm solutions and put them into a plan, ready for the client to confirm.


Once all is confirmed and the client is happy, we begin the implementation. An important factor is iteration and continuous improvement of everything we do for our clients. Optimisation is key!

This project has been a substantial undertaking, and we deeply appreciate XM’s confidence in our capabilities. Originally slated for a brief three-month duration, we are pleased to witness the ongoing growth in the outcomes of our services. We take great satisfaction in their continued success, recognizing that it is a continuous journey of achievement.

Clients Feedback

Our goal was to establish trust and increase brand recognition among young Thai speakers in Thailand. Thaiger assumed the lead in this effort, managing all aspects of the project. They developed a well-rounded strategy that not only improved our presence on social media platforms but also turned them into effective tools for generating leads and engaging our target audience.
Gib Chanreongwon Regional Marketing Manager XM