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Bangkok, Thailand
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1 year


Fourtwenty Cannabis Franchise in Thailand is a business that offers a range of cannabis-related products such as flowers, CBD items, merchandise, accessories, and clothing. They operate both online and physical stores, and they also organize events and sell tickets for special occasions.

FourTwenty has built its reputation as a cannabis franchise in Thailand

Since June 2022, We identified that Four Twenty’s website needed higher-quality articles to enhance its SEO. To maintain a consistent presence and awareness of their brand and events, we suggested creating SEO-optimized articles and videos. These would not only improve their website’s SEO but also help spread the word about their stores and events across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Additionally, we proposed writing SEO-optimized articles directly on their website. This comprehensive approach included a powerful package, PR package, video production, and even a dedicated landing page on the Thaiger website to maximize their online visibility and impact.

Thaiger Approach

For this project we focused on three main areas:

We created a dedicated page about Four Twenty on Thaiger and wrote articles about their stores and events. Our video team also produced videos about Four Twenty. We then turned these longer videos into shorter ones for Instagram and TikTok. We uploaded SEO-optimized articles on their website to improve their visibility on search engines.

Here are the results in simple terms:
– All the articles got a total of 6.7K+ views.
– The YouTube videos received 8K+ views.
– The dedicated landing page about Four Twenty on Thaiger got 3K+ views since it was published.
– Four Twenty’s website gained more authority, and they also saw an increase in ticket sales from our articles.

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Service Steps


Our Account Management team consulted with the CEO and COO to understand their pain points


Our whole Account Management team alongside our Creative team work together to brainstorm solutions and put them into a plan, ready for the client to confirm.


Once all is confirmed and the client is happy, we begin the implementation. An important factor is iteration and continuous improvement of everything we do for our clients. Optimisation is key!

This was a long project for us and we were incredibly grateful for FourTwenty trust in our abilities. Initially the project was to last just 8 months, but as the results kept coming, the management decided to continue with us for more years.

Clients Feedback

"Our on page technical SEO has always been our strength, but we lacked fresh and up to date content and SM presence. Thaiger were able to help us here by taking over this whole function. They set up a strategy to help grow our channels and turn them into lead gen sources."
Alex Marketing, FourTwenty