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Bangkok, Thailand
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1 year


Despite Boatcrowd’s commendable efforts in quickly establishing a yacht rental network, their website’s lack of authority became a looming challenge, necessitating significant investments in traffic purchases.

A project the whole team were excited about; yacht charters and glamour!

Understanding Boatcrowd’s budding website status, we realised the potential of waiting for organic SEO. But why wait? With the CEO’s zest for instant leads and the lucrative commissions on offer, we swiftly launched a Google Ads Campaign. The result? A stellar 70% ROI on every lead we channeled, making Boatcrowd’s investment worthwhile.

Thaiger Approach

For this project, we focused on three main areas:

Thaiger Marketing offers invaluable support to online marketplaces, in fact, two-sided marketplaces like BoatCrowd are some of our preferred clients. Given our experience in optimising several other marketplaces, by breaking down performance metrics into specific customer segments and product groups. With Thaiger Marketing, marketplace businesses can make data-driven decisions, refine their approach, and ultimately achieve greater efficiency and profitability in their operations.

Thaiger Marketing’s specialised services empower marketplaces to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business performance. By dissecting data into customer segments and product groups, we provide the insights necessary for informed decision-making and strategic adjustments. Our tailored consulting programs facilitate optimization and efficiency, ultimately helping real estate companies thrive in a competitive market and achieve their business goals.

Service Steps


Our Account Management team consulted with the CEO and his management team to understand their pain points.


Our whole Account Management team alongside our Creative team work together to brainstorm solutions and put them into a plan, ready for the client to confirm.


Once all is confirmed and the client is happy, we begin the implementation. An important factor is iteration and continuous improvement of everything we do for our clients. Optimisation is key!

It has been a pleasure working with BoatCrowd and seeing how this incredible industry operates. This has always been voted our number one most glamorous project and a favourite amongst most of the Creative and Account Management teams.

Clients Feedback

"Thaiger team helped us to acquire customers through SEM at a price that allowed us to be profitable on the first sale. No one else we worked with was able to do this, instead they just talked about LTV of the customer."
Vadim Garr CEO at BoatCrowd