Krungtong Plaza

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Bangkok, Thailand
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Krungtong Plaza

Krungthong Plaza is a shopping centre located in Bangkok, Thailand, primarily known for its wholesale clothing offerings. It serves as a hub for retail stores that offer a variety of clothing items, making it a popular destination for shoppers looking for a wide range of clothing options at competitive prices.

Krungtong Plaza has built its reputation as a leading shopping mall

Since November 2022, Krungthong Plaza is excited to announce Thailand’s inaugural all-inclusive plus-size beauty pageant, Miss Krungthong 2022, and they’ve chosen the Thaiger platform to make this announcement. We believe that this event is captivating and newsworthy, so we recommended creating both an article and a video to share the news through Thaiger’s website and YouTube channel. This approach ensures that the event gains maximum exposure and reaches a wide audience, generating interest and participation.

Thaiger Approach

For this project we focused on three main areas:

Krungthong Plaza wanted us to create an article and video about their event, Miss Krungthong 2022. Thaiger suggested promoting it with an article on the Thaiger News website and a video on the Thaiger YouTube channel to increase awareness. We also shared the article on Thaiger’s Facebook page.

The article we published, titled “Krungthong Plaza offers a wide range of carefully selected plus-size fashion products,” received 5,000 views on the Thaiger website. On Facebook, it reached 3,700 people. The video featuring the competition event, “Plus-Size Competition in Thailand | Miss Krungthong 2022,” garnered 17,000 views on YouTube, along with 160 likes and 77 comments. These efforts helped spread the word about the event and its fashion offerings.

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Service Steps


Our Account Management team consulted with the CEO and COO to understand their pain points


Our whole Account Management team alongside our Creative team work together to brainstorm solutions and put them into a plan, ready for the client to confirm.


Once all is confirmed and the client is happy, we begin the implementation. An important factor is iteration and continuous improvement of everything we do for our clients. Optimisation is key!

This was a long project for us and we were incredibly grateful for Krungtong plaza trust in our abilities. Initially the project was to last just 2 months, but as the results kept coming.

Clients Feedback

"Our on page technical SEO has always been our strength, but we lacked fresh and up to date content and SM presence. Thaiger were able to help us here by taking over this whole function. They set up a strategy to help grow our channels and turn them into lead gen sources."
Anukul Arno COO,