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Snr. Business Development Manager

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts in Management & Business Administration
Bachelor of Sciences in Operations & Technical Management

Work Experience

I’m a seasoned professional with over 14 years of expertise in sales, marketing, media, video production, and social media. At The Thaiger, I don’t just sell media & marketing products; I offer transformative solutions. My approach is consultative and deeply collaborative, ensuring that each client gains a crystal-clear understanding of what they’re investing in and how it will elevate their business.

With a rich background in video production and direction, social media management, online advertising campaigns, and strategic marketing, I bring a level of detail and creativity that sets me apart in the industry. My ultimate goal? To drive brand awareness and growth for your business in ways you never thought possible.

Skills & Expertise

Zo joined The Thaiger as a senior BDM having previously worked for his own consultancy and other industry giants.

Media Sales
Digital Marketing
Web Development


Previous awards won have all centered around team building and clients relationship management.


Community Builder

Recognised for exceptional efforts in building and maintaining a positive company culture.

Social Media Marketer of the Year

Recognised for running a social media campaign that significantly increased brand awareness and sales.

Best Vendor Partnership

Recognised for building and maintaining exceptionally beneficial relationships with all vendors and partners.

Best Haircut 2023

Having unexpectedly shaved his head one weekend, he was awarded the best haircut due to the unusual shape of his head.