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The Role of AI in Modern Marketing: Tools and Techniques

Ever been spooked out by ads that seem to know you better than your own mom? You’re just casually browsing, and BAM! There’s an ad for that weirdly specific item you were thinking about. Welcome to our magical world where the sorcery is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is like…
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5 effective strategies to boost your web traffic

Having a website made is only half the battle as the true metric to its success lies in the volume of user traffic that it attracts. That is because an increase in web traffic leads to more potential customers, more conversions, and ultimately a higher return on investment. With that,…

The importance of content marketing for lead generation

In today’s digitally driven society businesses are starting to struggle to gain the attention of potential customers. They are often overloaded with information and options to choose from. Over time traditional advertising techniques such as leaflets and telecommunications have become significantly less effective. One reason is that consumers are now…